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Women of Wolverhampton campaign to stop sexual harassment and everyday sexism

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It is shocking that in the 21st Century sexual harassment and everyday sexism is so common that a political party doesn’t know how to deal with it properly and effectively. Sexual harassment is never acceptable. There are not degrees of harassment, and individuals, usually women, should never have to shrug it off or be “adult” enough to deal with it. If men like Lord Rennard, in positions of power, don’t realise when their behaviour is unacceptable their colleagues and managers need to tell them, clearly and unambiguously and they must be made to stop. Sexual harassment is a civil wrong and sexual assault is a crime. Add your experiences to national campaigns like @EverydaySexism or join with @womenofwolves #wolvHERampton to make it clear that this is an issue that needs to be addressed now.  If we want an equal society, men as well as women must take action, and be loud and clear, that sexual harassment must stop.

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