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Use your vote tomorrow 22nd May. Don’t let apathy win the day.

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With a general election in 2015 the media is alive with speculation about the outcome of the European and local elections and the message the results send to all the political parties. On the other hand the general public seems disenchanted with politicians and disinclined to vote or ready to use their vote as a protest against, out of touch, over privileged and untrustworthy politicians. This is bad news for all of us. To create a healthy and more equal society we need to ensure a high level of debate and engagement in the political process. It is all our responsibility to consider the options, to find out what we want to know about the different candidates and parties and to participate by voting.

BUT this is only the beginning. How ever you voted, even if you spoilt your ballot paper you can approach the elected Councillors for your ward, about matters that concern you. You can contact them by phone, email or in person. Details are available on the Wolverhampton Council website or via City Direct 01902 551155.

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