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Use your voice – vote today! What our candidate survey tells us.

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If we don’t go to the polls to cast our vote we will not be heard. Many people are unhappy with the way politics is being conducted locally, nationally and in Europe. Nothing will change if we just stand by and grumble and let others, including the media make decisions for us.

We sent out a survey to all the candidates in the local election. So far we have had 9 returned completed. 4 Labour Candidates from Fallings Park, Oxley, Penn, Wednesfield South, 1 Conservative candidate from  Tettenhall Wightwick, 1 Ukip candidate from Wednesfield South,  1 Green candidate from  Park and 2 Liberal Democrats from Bushbury North & Springvale.

What they said

All candidates said they were standing for election for some or all of the following reasons:

·         to improve their neighbourhood & quality of life for local people;

·         to make sure local people have a say in planning and regeneration decisions that affect them, and in budget allocation.

What they and their party would do to correct the gender imbalance on the Council? (19 of the current 60 councillors are women)

·         5 of the candidates agreed that the under –representation of women on the Council was a specific issue.  4 saw the issue as part of a wider diversity & inclusivity issue.

·         The Labour Party has taken action in having all women short lists in winnable seats over several years which has had a positive impact.

·         Ukip are against any form of positive discrimination.

·         Several made comments that voters need to vote for women to change the balance, but this can’t be guaranteed.

·         The majority noted the need for more women to come forward in all parties to be candidates.

·         Improve the political education of young people, particularly young women, to encourage informed participation in the democratic process.

What issues are they aware of that affect women in their ward

4 candidates, 1 Ukip, 1 Liberal Democrat, 1 Labour and 1 Green could not identify any issues that particularly affect women in their ward although they were aware of issues that affected all residents in their ward.

The other 5 candidates identified:

·         Litter around schools

·         Parking and road safety around schools & encouraging walking and cycling – Penn and Park

·         Social and affordable housing.

·         Healthy eating (affordable) too many take- away food outlets in many areas.

·         Learning and skills for women.

·         Jobs for local people.

·         Anti -social behaviour

·         Childcare and other caring responsibilities and insufficient services.

·         Unreported domestic abuse.

·         Continued investment in Wednesfield.

·         Better green spaces.

 And across the whole city:

  • ·         Greater safety and security in the city centre particularly weekend evenings.
  • ·         Wednesfield and wider city, women disproportionally affected by job losses, benefit cuts resulting from austerity drive.

 What action can Wolverhampton City Council take to improve the lives of women in the city?

  • ·         Protect early year’s education and play facilities in the city.
  • ·         Protect and support women’s services that are experiencing central government cuts.
  • ·         Councillors can campaign nationally to change the way cuts are being managed to protect services including women’s services.

 Find out about your local candidates, and vote today for the party and candidate you feel will best represent you and your neighbourhood.

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