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Started IWD17 with breakfast @TheWayYouthZone with great women discussing #Pink4Change @Shaktiwomen report on inequality of women in our city

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The Pink paper compiled by Shakti Women uses facts and figures to illustrate the huge inequalities that women and girls still experience in the UK in 21st Century. Siobham Harper-Nunes of Shakti Women issued a call to action to all women in positions of leadership and power to #BeBoldForChange to challenge inequality and to change the world for girls and young women. Girls and young women experience horrendous levels of sexual harassment and unwanted sexual touching at school, their life chances are still limited by assumptions about gender and careers particularly in science and engineering and 50% of girls feel their gender has held them back at school. Negative body image affects 90% of teenage girls at some point and can result in girls not attending school, not taking part in activities and self harming. On joining the workforce, young women often earn less than men, and women in Wolverhampton are in the bottom 2% of earners in the country. There is much to do, and on International Women’s Day we should all be working out what we, and our organisations can do to challenge gender inequality and enable girls and women to contribute fully. Cheryl Garvey, Chief Executive of The way Youth Zone spoke about the mentoring and support The Way provides for girls and young women to enable them to develop self confidence and to aspire to achieve what ever they set out to do.


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