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Queen’s Cinema / Queen’s Ballromm

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One of the thing that definitely changed in Wolverhampton is nightlife and entertainment in general: Queen’s Cinema is one of those places that everybody we interviewed talked about.

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The Queen’s Cinema, with its own tea room, was designed by architects Robert Atkinson and George Alexander, to cater for the respectable middle classes who perhaps wouldn’t normally visit a picture house. It was built for Associated Provincial Picture Houses who specialised in providing this type of cinema. It opened on 30th September, 1914 and was Wolverhampton’s eighth cinema. When the talkies arrived, it was the second cinema in the town to become wired for sound, showing its first film with sound – ‘Weary River’- on 23rd September, 1932. Famous people such as the Earl of Dudley and the Prince of Wales paid occasional visits. On May 15, 1959, the cinema became a dance hall and was re-opened as the Queens Ballroom at a cost 30,000. Its popularity waned however, and it was finally demolished in 1978, and redeveloped by Lloyds Bank in 1980.


Queen Square, Wolverhampton

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