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Paddling Pool, Tettenhall Wood

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The Paddling Pool in Tettenhall is an incredibly long-lived part of Wolverhampton, as well as one of the most enchanting.

Here are a couple of photos from the good old days and some historical info from the Black Country History web site:



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Little is known of the farm itself except that it was often referred to as ‘Neddy Jones’ Farm’, which presumably refers to the owner or tenant. It had a pool which appears on a map of 1613. The pool was converted into a paddling pool in the 1930s and is still being used today.



© Wolverhampton Artchives & Local Studies,

The original pool belonged to Upper Green Farm, and appears on a map of 1613. It was converted into a public paddling pool around 1934. The Graham family of the Express and Star newspaper paid for the conversion of the pool which included the initial draining of the pool and the lining of it with concrete panels before being refilled. It is still in use today.



Paddling Pool, Tettenhall Wood

  1. Have you spoken to Geoff Hopkins (Tenants & Residents)- he seems to know a lot about this part of Tettenhall’?

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