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Our Work

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Our work is about creating a better, more equal society for women in Wolverhampton.  We address issues by campaigning for change, supporting women in local community and public life, undertaking creative projects, and celebrating and promoting women’s successes through our network.

We work with a range of organisations including other local voluntary organisations, public sector organisations, larger charities and individual entrepreneurs.

Current projects

All About Me
Creating time for women to recognise their skills and ambitions and to plan for the future.

Community Choir It’s great news that singing is back in fashion and choirs are springing up and featuring on prime time TV. Singing is fun makes you feel good and is a great way to socialise. WOW is pleased to introduce our Community Choir, a brand new choir for Wolverhampton with ambition to reflect and include the many
opportunities of the city.

International Womens Weeks 2014
Following the brilliant success of our celebration at Wolverhampton Art Gallery on Friday 8th March we are planning bigger and better things for 2014. If you have ideas and some time to get involved please contact [email protected] or 01902572122

Womens Health Matters Over the past two months we have asked women in the city about their priorities and over 50% ranked health and well-being as their top priority. If this strikes a chord with please contact Amanda at [email protected] or 01902572122 to see how you can get involved.

The Way We Are
An oral history project which captures the voices and rich experiences of local women.

Ongoing work

Gender Equality
Supporting and monitoring gender equality action in the city.


We are grateful for funding from a range of sources including grants and donations.  Our current grant funders are the Arts Council, Awards for All, the Heritage Lottery Fund, and Wolverhampton City Council.