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Focus on Changing Lives, Warstones, a fantastic centre for women and girls. For more information call 01902 341822.

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We were made very welcome on our visit to the Centre as part of the Reaching Out, Linking Up social media project (Funded by Big Lottery, via Awards for All).  While Steph delivered a social media surgery I enjoyed meeting Beth, Arin and Claire from the Changing Lives head office in Gateshead who were on their first trip to Wolverhampton and were impressed with what they saw.

To find out more about the Centre and what they do I talked to Mandy and Sommer.

Mandy works with women in the Criminal Justice system and her job takes her all over the West Midlands. Through the Chrysalis Project she provides an opportunity for women to learn how to prepare for the future and to create a foundation for change. Passionate about her job and the services Changing Lives can provide to support women, Mandy is positive about the future. Born and bred in Wolverhampton she is a champion for the city,

“it’s not a little village, but has a neighbourhood feel and is big enough to have lots going on. Many people don’t know what is available in Wolverhampton – we need to be better at publicising the great opportunities out there.”

Enjoying a Costa coffee and reading her book, is one of Mandy’s favourite pastimes. A change for the better for Wolverhampton would be for more Changing Lives Centres across the city.

“Women only services are still very important to enable women to deal with the many challenges they experience.”

Changing Lives Programme Manager, Sommer is another, Wolverhampton woman, who loves the city and the people who live here. She enjoys the diversity and is pleased that city status has brought opportunity without losing the big town feel. Sommer feels very strongly that we should highlight all the positive things about Wolverhampton. She believes the city has a positive future if we look forward and don’t keep harking back.

Leading a team of four at Changing Lives, Sommer manages learning activities, volunteering, counselling services and work with girls. Sommer sees the increased confidence and self esteem which result from the girls’ groups as being vital to the future well being of girls using the service. She would like to expand this work if money allows.

Every Wednesday women can drop –in for lunch between 12 and 2pm and if they want to, can stay for a craft session until 3pm. It’s a great way to meet people and to find out what is happening at the Centre. For more information phone 01902 341822.

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