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Crime Commissioner candidates responses to our #wolvHERampton questions

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After listening to our members WOW drafted a short series of questions for the 4 candidates standing in the by elction for Police and Crime Commissioner. Here they are with the responses from the 4 candidates. Hope they help you to make up your mind and to vote in this important election. Please make sure your family and friends turn out too! The answers are colour coded as follows: Ayoub Khan Lib Dem,  Keith Rowe UKIP,   David Jamieson Labour, Les Jones Conservative.

  1. How will you ensure that you hear the diverse policing and community safety needs of widely different communities and neighbourhoods across the West Midlands and are able to represent these effectively to the Police?   Lib Dem Firmly believe in having a number of forums across the region which are diverse and reflective of the communities that are being served! I will have these forums feed information to determine the strategic policy direction.UKIP This will be the main focus of the role for me, speaking to individuals and community groups etc and representing the people at the top of the police.Labour I want to ensure that the police force represents to diverse range of people we have in the WM. In the process of recruiting 450 new officers, I believe 25% are from minority communitiesConservative As a local councillor for the last 15 years, I am aware that residents of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life in our community rely on their local police force to tackle crime and make them feel safe. My passion for public service will make a real difference in the West Midlands, and I would be proud to serve everyone in our community.
  2. Will you continue with the Summits and other consultation and engagement processes that Bob Jones introduced?
    Lib Dem Yes! This role is all about listening to the different communities.UKIP  Not necessarily. I will bring my own style to this but consultation will still take place. Labour Yes, where appropriate.Conservative I will be an open and accessible PCC if I am elected.
  3. What mechanisms will you use for ensuring that the Police are accountable to the public at a neighbourhood level?Lib Dem Once again I want to tie in the local forums with existing neighbourhood organisations, residents groups etc to ensure that neighbourhood policing meets the demands of the local residents.UKIP These will have to be agreed with the Chief Constable. I am not ready to give details of this yet.Labour Community reps meeting police and PCC staff meeting local groups.Conservative The Government has rightly changed the law to make local police beat meetings compulsory – so members of the public can put their questions and concerns directly to the officers who police their area. I want the police to do more in our area to keep in touch with local people’s concerns and make sure the service is responsive to local needs.
  4. Crimes of domestic abuse and sexual violence are increasing in the West Midlands. The majority of victims are women. How will you ensure the Police improve their service to victims, increase the arrest and prosecution of perpetrators and reduce the rise in these crimes?
    Lib Dem Currently we have approx. 40 specialist trained officers in the area of DV and sexual abuse. I would seek to train more front line officers in the areas where this type of crime is increasing. UKIP Reducing crime and a zero tolerance approach is at the heart of my policies. Offenders must know that they will not be continually released or given soft options.Labour By making these crimes a priority and stopping the use of community resolution for domestic and sexual crimes.Conservative Regarding domestic and sexual violence, these crimes ruin lives and are completely unacceptable. I am fully supportive of the action the Government has taken nationally to tackle them: protecting victims of domestic violence through legislation such as Clare’s Law to help protect women from abusive relationships; criminalising forced marriage; supporting 80 rape support centres and working with the police to improve their response to rape and domestic violence.If elected as Police and Crime Commissioner, it will be my job to hold the police to account for their performance – including how they deal with sexual violence. But I will also work together with all parts of the local criminal justice system (including police, the courts, prisons and probation services as well as local charities and third sector groups) to ensure we have a ‘joined-up’ and co-ordinated local effort. I have met with local groups like the Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre and Birmingham Freedom Project and understand how important groups like this are in supporting victims.
  5. Will you employ a Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner? Who will this be?
    Lib Dem Yes! I have not determined who that will be. But if elected then the selection will be an open transparent process.UKIP Possibly, but as I do not “count my chickens before they hatch” I cannot give you details of this yet.Labour Yes. Yvonne Mosquito.                                                                                                                                                         Conservative I will appoint Akaal Singh Sidhu as Deputy Police Crime Commissioner. He was born and raised in the area, and is now a Barrister based in Birmingham where he has a successful Criminal Law Practice.
  6. There are no women candidates for this election. Why do you think this is and do you think it matters?
    Lib Dem Certainly,  I was the only individual to put my name forward in the Lib Dems! UKIP I do not think that this is the most important factor. Having the right candidate whether male or female is more important.Labour I can’t answer why other parties have so few women in elections, but Labour has worked harder than any other party to promote women into senior posts. My running mate Yvonne is of course a woman.
  7. If elected, how will you fulfil the aim “to cut crime and ensure the West Midlands Police force is effective?”Lib Dem I have 3 pledges: Faster police response time targets, No further closure of local police stations, No privatisation of police core or non core services.

             UKIP By increasing efficiency, a zero tolerance approach, more police on the beat with close community work                          associated 

    Labour By recruiting new officers, expanding community policing and listening to communities.                                                  

Conservative We have a five-point common sense action plan to tackle crime and make the West Midlands an even safer place to live, work and raise a family by:

Freeing the police to fight crime by cutting red tape and prioritising the front line, Fighting for tougher sentences so communities are protected and justice is done, Giving the police the powers they need to tackle criminals, using the latest tools and techniques, Stopping people from becoming criminals by tackling the root causes of crime, Making the police answer to the community to help drive down crime in the West Midlands. I will focus long-term crime prevention in Birmingham and across the West Midlands – engaging with schools, local community groups and our councils – so the police can get on with their job out on the beat. 



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