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 AmandaAmanda Bevan – Co-ordinator

Amanda initially trained as a housing manager and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Housing. Direct experience of housing service delivery and estate and community regeneration in the public sector provided an opportunity to work with a further education college to develop and deliver adult education courses. Voluntary and community sector experience includes developing and running two social enterprises; a community day nursery and a community credit union.Amanda’s education includes an honours degree in Geography and American Studies (University of Keele), CIOH Professional Qualification, and a Diploma in Management of Voluntary and Charitable Organisations (Open University).

With over 25 years experience working with communities to provide resident-led services, I have experienced a wide range of approaches to engaging local people in the regeneration and development of their neighbourhoods. The success of different government and academic approaches to community engagement has been variable, but the creativity and energy of local communities has been constant and inspiring. My frustration has often been that, as community engagement professionals, we don’t support local communities to develop and reap the benefits of their creative energy. Too often, cultural or artistic engagements are viewed as peripheral – an add on – rather than the heart of community engagement and a key aspect of citizenship and belonging.

The opportunity to lead WOW at this time of great social and economic change is a very exciting challenge. I believe that the treatment and experience of women and girls is a reflection of the health of a society and will steer WOW to work with women and men across the city to ensure that women are not experiencing unequal treatment and opportunity because of their gender.

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beverley-harvey Beverley Harvey Participation Officer

Bev has a background in social justice and was head of a welfare rights department with Wolverhampton’s Council for Racial Equality. Strong leadership skills and a keen interest in democratic processes, policy and strategic development meant that Bev’s client base rapidly increased and she succeeded in helping corporate businesses attract and retain staff from culturally diverse backgrounds.

In 1988 I joined Jubilee Arts, developing and managing projects that contributed to a number of major awards. I am proud to have delivered arts projects that have greatly influenced and pushed the arts boundaries in the UK, Europe, the USA, and in eastern Caribbean.

Shortly after I joined Jubilee Arts I became an Associate Director, my achievements  included being featured on BBC2’s ‘Computing for the Less Terrified’ for outstanding work in engaging communities using innovative methods applicable to the groups.   I subsequently became the Executive Director of Jubilee Arts managing a team of highly qualified staff and long-standing retention.

As well as delivering creative projects at a grassroots level I have extensive experience and expertise in management and organisational development.  I have also provided executive coaching within the creative sector with a particular focus on organisations who are involved in engaging communities through artistic interventions.

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With only two part-time paid staff we rely on a committed and passionate group of volunteers to bring WOW to life. 

Thanks go to our board members and all our volunteers.